Dubai One Day Itinerary: What to do in Dubai in One Day

January 14, 2019

It is possible to find yourself in Dubai for just a day while flying from one country to another for your holiday. However, instead of spending your time at the airport or maybe staying at the hotel near the airport, why not get out and explore the beautiful and glamorous city of Dubai.

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miracle garden dubai

Dubai’s Nature and Adventure Experiences – Top 10 Gardens and Theme Parks in Dubai

December 28, 2018

Contrary to the belief that Dubai is a desert city that concentrated on transforming itself into a mega metallic urban city, Dubai does not ignore being a family-friendly destination.

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Gold Souk

Dubai Gold Souk: Everything You Need To Know Before You Buy Gold

October 25, 2018

Dubai has the best quality gold and is the only country where people can buy the yellow metal through an ATM. There are also shops at prime locations that sell gold.

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Overnight Desert Safari

Overnight Desert Safari: Enjoy the Best Desert Safari in Dubai

October 10, 2018

More than 80% of land in the UAE is desert terrain. However, the industrious people of this country have turned it into an advantage. Dubai is the most popular tourist destinations in the Middle East.

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Dubai Etiquette

Respect and Follow these Dubai Etiquette

September 30, 2018

Dubai is an Islamic state that welcomes visitors from all over the world. Being a Muslim city there are many rules and etiquette to follow.

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