60 Days Dubai Visa

Dubai Visit Visa 60 Days

A 60 day Dubai visa is recommended for people who plan on a long stay in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE for that matter. Applying for and obtaining a 60-day Dubai visit visa is a fairly simple process. However, depending on your nationality, you may or may not require a visa to Dubai. For example, if you’re a citizen of a GCC nation, you will not require a visa to enter Dubai. You can walk in on the strength of your passport alone.

Then again, special provision is available if you’re a GCC resident, and not a GCC citizen with a high professional status such as the president or vice-president of a company, business managers, public sector employees and the staff belonging to such people. All such people are eligible for a non-renewable 60 days visa that’ll be issued to them upon their arrival at any approved UAE port of entry which includes airports and seaports. Then again, if you belong to the 33 countries (listed in the table below) you can arrive in Dubai with your passport. You will be issued a 60 Days Dubai visa upon arrival at the Dubai International Airport for 30 days, non-renewable status.

How to Apply for Dubai 60 Days Visa

Applying for a UAE visa is a fairly easy process. The visa application form is available online. Just follow the steps outlined below and your visa application will be completed in no time at all:

  • Full up the online visa form available at the URL below. Provide your name, nationality, travel dates, primary contact address and other relevant information. Make sure you type the information correctly; review the spellings and make sure they’re the same as in the supporting documents.
  • Print out the filled online form, review it and fill out the form again if you’ve made mistakes.
  • Put together the set of supporting documents as per the list provided above along with the printed application form. Clip them (do not staple the papers) to the printed and signed application form for easy visa processing.
  • Make payment using credit card or PayPal or cash. If you’re not sure how to make the payment to the Dubai immigration services, seek help from your visa specialist.
  • Our visa specialists will review your visa application details and will get in touch with you if the authorities require any additional documents or information. The visa authorities may require further information such as your airline ticket’s copies, guarantor’s documents, and hotel booking confirmation papers and so on.
  • Your visa will be processed quickly, if a guarantor is not a requisite in your case. If you require a guarantor, your visa might take a bit of time to process but it will be done quickly.