60 Days Multiple Entry Dubai Visa

Dubai 60 Days Visa for Multiple Entry

A 60 day multiple-entry tourist visa Dubai is recommended for travelers who plan on staying in the UAE for at least 3 months while exiting and entering multiple times. You can handle your meetings, conferences and transit stays with ease and convenience without any official bother if you possess this visa. Possessing a 60-day multiple-entry visa makes travel between the UAE and nearby countries very easy. You will not need to apply for transit visa each time you pass the UAE while conducting business in neighboring countries. You can make multiple stops in the UAE and move on without issue. Whether you’re traveling by air, road or water, this one visa will be sufficient proof of your eligibility to be present within the UAE for those 60 days. When you obtain the 60 days multiple entry Dubai visa you can leave Dubai and return to it using the same visa rather than incur the difficulty of obtaining a different visa each time you enter. Unless you’re the citizen of a GCC country or if you belong to one of the 33 countries (listed below) who can obtain a visa upon arrival, you will require a 60-day multiple entry visa to transact your business within the UAE.

How To Apply for Dubai Visit Visa 60 Days

Follow all the steps in the visa application process given below.

  • Fill up the online visa application form with your name, address, travel itinerary, nationality and other information. Refer to your passport and use the correct spelling in the application form. Corrections may not be allowed later.
  • Print the filled online visa application form and review it. If you’ve made any mistakes, just fill the form again and validate all information before printing it out.
  • Attach a visa picture of yourself taken against a white background. Refer to the photo frame provided in the visa application form for the photo’s size.
  • Gather together all the supporting documents as listed in the table below and clip them to the application form.
  • Make payment via online bank transfer, cash, credit card or PayPal. Our visa specialists are always ready to guide you if you need help making the online transfer.
  • After putting your papers together, be sure to review them thoroughly before submitting them to our visa specialists. Major mistakes could hold up your visa processing indefinitely.
  • We will review your application and documents thoroughly before submitting them to the Dubai immigration authorities.
  • If necessary, we will get in touch with you for additional information and additional documents such as airline ticket copies, guarantor’s documents if required, hotel booking vouchers and so on. Note that if you don’t need a guarantor for your visa processing, we will be able to process your tourist visa Dubai 60 days that much quicker.