About BookDubaiVisa.Com

At Rayna Group, we go out of our way to assist you at every turn right from your Dubai visa application online till you actually have your visa in hand. We have years of experience and the accumulated experience of our staff to back us up when it comes to helping you obtaining your visa easily.

As a group, we possess in-depth knowledge of all visa types to Dubai, including visit visa, tourist visa, multiple-entry visa, and transit visa. We can make your visit to Dubai as smooth as you’d like it by guiding you through a hassle free visa processing, following all the dos and don’ts of the emirate’s very stringent visa policies.

Before you submit your Dubai visa application to us, we recommend that you directly call our visa consultants for personalized advice on which visa type to go for and what to do. This will enable us to answer your queries pertaining to Dubai visa, and help you understand the specific visit requirements that you need to adhere to while applying for a Dubai visa.

When your visa is approved, we will forward you the electronic visa format to you in PDF or JPG format. Make sure you take a printout of your visa immediately and keep it along with your travel documents. An additional couple of printouts tucked away in your luggage or on your person is a good idea, just in case you lose your travel documents.

Make sure your printout is handy to show at the Dubai airport’s immigration counter. If you require your Dubai visa for immediate travel, you can come to us for express visa services. We can expedite the entire process such that you obtain your visa within two to three days. Please give us a call at or email us at for a quick response.