Top Day Trips from Dubai: Places to See in the UAE

Dubai is a land with some of the most exciting places to see and interesting things to do. The city is home to amazing buildings, state-of-the-art theme parks, enormous shopping malls, fabulous beaches and a whole array of activities for both kids and adults. However, the city life of Dubai is fast and the place can get really crowded and noisy. Hence, even if you are having the time of your lives during your Dubai holiday, you would want to take a break for a while. Luckily, there are some great places around Dubai, where you can easily go on a day trip. Let us check out some of the best places to visit near Dubai, which would be perfect for a day trip.

Best Day Trips from Dubai

1. Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the neighbor of Dubai, and also the capital Emirate city of the UAE. Although not as glamorous as Dubai, Abu Dhabi has a subtle and elegant charm that highlights the culture of the Arabs and the religion of Islam. Moreover, it has also become a hub for entertainment in recent years, as the city is home to several amazing theme parks. Here are some of the prime attractions of Abu Dhabi that you can check out during your day trip.

How to Reach Abu Dhabi

It takes around 2 hours from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. The best way to reach Abu Dhabi from Dubai is to take a cab or a bus. These are convenient and comfortable ways of traveling. Alternatively, you can also opt for a private car.

  • Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

sheikh zayed grand mosque

The most important tourist place in Abu Dhabi is the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. The beautiful structure made entirely in white marble is the largest mosque in the UAE and can hold around 41,000 worshippers at a time. The mosque also has the largest handmade carpet as well as the largest chandelier in the world. This place of worship is opulent, elegant and tranquil.

Timings: 9 AM to 10 PM (Saturday to Thursday) and 4;30 PM to 10 PM (Friday)

Duration: 1-2 hours

Location: Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed St, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Tickets: Free entry

  • Louvre Abu Dhabi

louvre museum abu dhabi

Art lovers can rejoice as Abu Dhabi’s Saadiyat Island is home to the Louvre Museum. Louvre Abu Dhabi is a magnificent structure and holds some amazing masterpieces. The exhibits of the museum display the artwork from the ancient times to the present modern world and attempt to bring together the gap between Western and Eastern art world.

Timings: 10 AM to 8 PM (Saturday to Sunday and Tuesday to Wednesday) and 10 AM to 10 PM

(Thursday and Friday); Monday closed

Duration: 2-4 hours

Location: Saadiyat Cultural District 1, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Tickets: AED 63

  • Abu Dhabi Heritage Village

abu dhabi heritage village

Abu Dhabi Heritage Village gives you a glimpse of the Arab world before it turned into a metropolitan city. Enjoy the beautiful, but modest houses, the tranquil setting, the various occupations, the artwork, etc. of the Bedouin people at the Abu Dhabi heritage village. You would get to see artisans making handicrafts and attempt to make some too.

Timings: 9 AM to 4 PM (Saturday to Thursday) and 3:30 PM to 9 PM (Friday)

Duration: 1 hour

Location: Near Marina Mall, Abu Dhabi Theatre Road, Corniche-Breakwater Road, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Tickets: Free entry


Yas Island

If you are looking for a place where you can completely chill and enjoy some great adventures, Yas Island is the place to be. You can skip the sightseeing and visit one of the two places for your day trip from Dubai.

  • Ferrari World

The F1 racing theme park is surely the favorite of adventure as well as F1 racing lovers. Spread around an area of 86,000 square meters, the Ferrari World has some of the most thrilling rides and rollercoasters. The pride of the Ferrari World is the Formula Rossa, which runs at the speed of 240 km/hour and is the fastest rollercoaster in the world.

Timings: 11 AM to 8 PM

Duration: 10 hours

Location: Yas Island, Yas Ddr St, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Tickets: AED 295

  • Yas Waterworld

yas waterworld water park abu dhabi

Yas Waterworld is not a regular waterpark. In fact, the theme of the park tells the story of Dana and her journey for retrieving the lost pearl. The theme of the park is reflected in every corner of the park. Apart from this, Yas Waterworld has more than 50 slides, rides, and attractions, which have been spread around 4 categories that are Exciting Adventures, Adrenaline Rush, Young Fun, and Moving & Grooving.

Timings: 10 AM to 7 PM (Friday to Wednesday) and 10 AM to 5 PM and 6 PM to 11 PM (Thursday)

Duration: 9 hours

Location: Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Tickets: AED 315

  • Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi

warner bros abu dhabi

Just next to Yas Waterworld and Ferrari World is the Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi. It is an indoor theme park that is based on the shows, movies, and franchises owned by Warner Bros. World. You would get to enjoy rides, rollercoasters, and attractions based on Tom and Jerry, Harry Potter, Looney Tunes, Hanna Barbera, etc. You would also get to meet your favorite cartoon characters like Scooby-Doo, Superman, Bugs Bunny, etc. The place has around 29 rides that cater to people of all ages.

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Timings: 10 AM to 8 PM

Duration: 10 hours

Location: Yas Island, Al Falah Road, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Tickets: AED 295

2. Sharjah

The easiest and the shortest day trip from Dubai would be to Sharjah. Known as the cultural capital of UAE, Sharjah is around 20 km from Dubai. It is also cheaper than Dubai and hence many people working in Dubai stay in Sharjah. Apart from a beautiful coastline, Sharjah is best known for its great museums. Check out some of the things you can do during your day trip to Sharjah.

How to Reach Sharjah

You can travel to Sharjah by bus or taxi. While the taxi would be quick, it would be expensive. On the other hand, the bus would be time taking but more economical.

  • Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization

sharjah museum of islamic civilization

The Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization traces back to the journey of Islam through religious and scientific manuscripts. You would also get to see the artworks of the Islamic world from the 7th to the 19th centuries. A visit to this museum would give you an insight into the Islamic religion, history, and culture.

Timings: 8 AM to 8 PM (Saturday to Thursday) and 4 PM to 8 PM (Friday)

Duration: 1-2 hours

Location: Sharjah, UAE

Tickets: 5 AED (2-12 years) and 10 AED (adults 12+ years)

  • Sharjah Art Museum

sharjah art museum

One of the largest art museums in the UAE, the Sharjah Art Museum has 72 galleries that depict the artwork of Arab artists. You would also see the work of Western artists who appreciated the life and beauty of the Arab world in their creations. The museum has both permanent and temporary exhibits and a complete delight to lovers of art.

Timings: 8 AM to 8 PM (Saturday to Thursday) and 4 PM to 8 PM (Friday)

Duration: 1-2 hours

Location: Sharjah, UAE

Tickets: Free

  • Blue Souk

blue souk sharjah

To enjoy an authentic Arabian shopping experience, you must visit the Blue Souk or the Central Souk or Market. The Blue Souk is so-called because of its beautiful and unique blue tile work. Aside from admiring the architecture of the place, Blue Souk is a great place to buy jewelry, carpets, souvenirs, perfumes, clothes, electronics, etc.

Timings: 9 Am to 1 PM and 4 PM to 11 PM (Saturday to Thursday) and 9 AM to 12 PM and 4 PM 11 PM (Friday)

Duration: 2-3 hours

Location: Al Buhari Corniche, Khalid Lagoon, Sharjah, UAE

Tickets: Free entry

Additional Places to Visit: If you have some more time, you can also visit Sharjah Fort, Al Noor Mosque, Al Mamzar Beach, Sharjah Desert Park, etc.

3. Musandam Peninsula

A visit to the Musandam Peninsula would give you the chance to enjoy its dramatic landscape, which is untouched and completely different from the Dubai metropolis. The mountain hugging roads, the rocky inlets, and the wilderness of the Musandam (which is also called the Norway of Arabia) would not fail to impress you.

How to Reach Musandam: Musandam is around 2 hours from Dubai. If you have booked a Musandam dhow cruise, the tour package includes transportation to and from Dubai. Alternatively, you can hire a private car or take a cab. As Musandam is technically located in Oman, you would need to get an Omani visa before traveling.

  • Musandam Dhow Cruise

musandam dhow cruise

The best way to explore the Musandam area is to go on a dhow cruise. The Musandam dhow cruise starts early in the morning and takes around 6 hours. During the dhow cruise, you would not only able to enjoy the fantastic landscape but also swim, snorkel, fish and check out the dolphins. The dhow cruise also includes lunch and unlimited refreshments.

Timings: 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM

Duration: 9 hours

Location: Musandam, Oman

Tickets: AED 200

4. Ras Al Khaimah

Ras Al Khaimah is one of the most picturesque places of the UAE and also a favorite among locals of Dubai who want to take a break from the city. Here is a peek to the amazing things that this Emirate offers to visitors.

How to Reach Ras Al Khaimah

The cheapest way to reach Ras Al Khaimah from Dubai is by public bus. There are several shuttle buses that run to and from Dubai and RAK throughout the day.

  • Jebel Jais

jebel jais

Jebel Jais is part of the Hajjar Mountain Range and also the tallest mountain in the UAE. At the height of 1934 meters, Jebel Jais gives you a gorgeous view of the surroundings. Moreover, the journey to the top along the 20 km winding road is also a memorable one. It is also a great place to go hiking and mountain biking. In the last few years, Jebel Jais has become a hotspot for adventure enthusiasts because of Jebe Jais Zipline, which is the longest zipline in the world.

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Timings: 24×7 (Jebel Jais) and 9 AM to 4 PM (Jebel Jais Zipline)

Duration: 60-90 minutes

Location: Hajjar Mountain Range, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

Tickets: Visiting Jebel Jais is free, but the cost for ziplining here is AED 450

  • Jazirat Al Hamra

jazirat al hamra

An abandoned city some 20 km south of Ras Al Khaimah city, Jazirat Al Harma gives you a glimpse of the simple and modest life of the Emiratis before the oil boom. The dry desert climate has helped to preserve the abandoned buildings of the village that survived on fishing and pearl diving. Although there is no life in Jazirat Al Hamra, you can still feel the vibe of the place in the air. It is also known as a ghost town, where visitors have had paranormal experiences.

Timings: 24×7

Duration: 1-2 hours

Location: Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

Tickets: Free entry

Additional Places to Visit: National Museum of Ras Al Khaimah, Dhayan Fort, Marjan Island, Saqr Park, etc. are some other places that you can visit in RAK.

5. Fujairah

The small industrial city of Fujairah may not seem too interesting in the touristic point of view. Still, it is a great place to go on a day trip when you are in Dubai. Here are some of the best places you should visit in Fujairah.

How to Reach Fujairah

It takes 1 hour 16 minutes to reach Fujairah from Dubai. Bus, cab and private vehicles are good options to reach the place.

  • Al Aqah Beach

al aqah beach sharjah

Fujairah has some of the most splendid beaches of the UAE and Al Aqah Beach is probably the best among them. It is popular for water sports and is one of the best places to indulge in scuba diving and snorkeling. Moreover, you would also get to see Snoopy Island, a rocky outcrop, which you can see from the beach.

Timings: 24×7

Duration: As per your wish

Location: Dibba Road, Fujairah, UAE

Tickets: Free entry (you have to pay for water activities)

  • Al Bidyah-Mosque

al bidyah mosque

Contrary to the opulent, modern mosques you would see in the UAE, Al-Bidyah Mosque is completely different. It is considered to be one of the oldest mosques of the UAE and is built in mud and stone. The archaeological findings in the area have found a tomb, pottery, artifacts, etc, dating back to the 14th century.

Timings: 9 AM to 5 PM

Duration: 1-2 hours

Location: Rugaylat Road, Fujairah, UAE

Tickets: Free entry

Additional Places to Visit: Fujairah Fort, Fujairah Museum, Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Bithnah Fort and Fujairah Fort are some other interesting places to see in Fujairah.

6. Al-Ain

This list of day trips from Dubai cannot be completed without mentioning Al Ain, one of the most beautiful cities in the UAE. It is a part of the Emirates of Abu Dhabi and the only UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here are some of the most popular places to visit in Al Ain.

How to Reach Al Ain

  • Al-Ain Zoo

al ain zoo

Al-Ain Zoo is the largest zoo in the UAE and is home to endemic animals like Arabian oryx and Arabian antelope. You would also get to see lions, spotted leopards, African gazelles, eland, giraffes, tigers, pumas and jaguars here. The zoo is a research center and also a breeding center for endangered native animals.

Timings: 9 AM to 8 PM

Duration: 2 hours

Location: Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Tickets: AED 31.50 (adults) and AED 10.50 (children)

  • Al-Ain Oasis

al ain oasis

The Al Ain Oasis is nothing like you would have seen anywhere in the UAE. A tranquil spot surrounded by green trees and palm groves. It is a true oasis where you would get to know about the traditional falaj irrigation system that has been used here for 3000 years. Al-Ain Oasis is the ideal spot to relax and spend a peaceful time.

Timings: 8 AM to 5 PM

Duration: 3 hours

Location: Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Tickets: Free entry

Additional Places to Visit: Wadi Adventure Park, Al-Jahili Fort, Al Ain National Museum, Jebel Hafeet, Al Ain Palace Museum, etc. are a few other places that you can check out during your day trip to Al Ain.

With so many exciting places around Dubai, going on a day trip should be definitely on your itinerary. Several travel agencies offer one-day trips from Dubai, which would make your trip easier and hassle-free.

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