Respect and Follow these Dubai Etiquette

Dubai is an Islamic state that welcomes visitors from all over the world. Being a Muslim city there are many rules and etiquette to follow.

Most of the travelers do not have any idea about the etiquette and that results in severe punishments in the UAE. Hence, before you travel to this city, make sure you are aware of all the rules and manners to follow publicly in Dubai. Most of the time visitors from European countries get targeted in this act and have to suffer from penalties. However, as it is also a Muslim city, there are certain factors to take into consideration in terms of dress code and behavior without hurting the Dubai culture.

If you are visiting Dubai, then you need to follow their certain local cultural norms and tradition without hurting the sentiments of locals. Public drunkenness, hand gestures, drugs, and many more are some of the cases that can lead to problematic tour. There are certain dos and don’ts in UAE that need to be followed and respected.

Dubai Etiquettes

  • Respect their Religion

Dubai is known for its warm and welcoming cultural atmosphere that attracts a huge number of tourists from all over the world. Most of the tourists visit mosques that are worldwide famous. There are certain things you need to understand and follow before you enter the mosque. The important thing to understand is during Ramadan, which is known as the most exciting time in Dubai, you cannot eat and drink in public. You need to know and follow cultural and religious ethics. Non-Muslims have particular places to eat and drink during this time and many of the hotels and malls are open. So, follow and respect their festive manners to avoid any severe consequences while you visit Dubai.

  • Dress Code
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Being a Muslim state, visitors are asked to dress modestly in public as well as some conservative areas. You can wear swimwear only on the beach and in a pool but cover yourself immediately when you are out of water. Cover the arms and legs when you are in mosques and other religious sites as well as in older areas of the city. T-shirts and shorts are acceptable in most of the places apart from the religious areas. If you are planning to hit any night club or hotel, then you can wear whatever you like. A headscarf is essential for women while entering mosques. Respect and follow this etiquette to enjoy your further tour.

  • Gestures

While you are for Dubai travel, you need to follow some particular gestures like standing up for guests. Keep in mind while greeting a member of the opposite sex who is a Muslim, allow them to first offer a handshake. Most of the people do not handshake in Dubai due to religious reasons. Remember that it is customary to eat food and consume drinks with your right hand in order to avoid exposing your feet and pointing your foot to anyone. Do not cross your legs in front of an important guest and that is regarded as the bad manner in Dubai. If, you are taking help of hand gesture, then use your whole hand and not just finger to point on someone or at something.

  • Consumption of Alcohol

Alcohol in Dubai is only available in licensed bars and restaurants that are usually located in hotels. You can also purchase alcohol from duty-free shops that are located at an international airport within the set limit. Drinking and driving are totally banned in Dubai and there is zero tolerance if you are caught with the same act.

  • Behave Properly
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Hugging and kissing in public is not at all allowed in Dubai. The act of public affection is too low in the whole UAE. People are asked to be careful while opening on any physical relationship in public.

  • Photography

Clicking pictures of the airport, government buildings, and local women are completely banned in Dubai. Make sure you follow this manner as you would be fined a heavy amount if caught while doing so. Be calm and aware of what pictures you are clicking without getting too excited and landing in trouble.

  • Swearing

Swearing at someone in Dubai is also regarded as illegal. Avoid taking swears on social media, and on instant messaging apps. If you are found while doing so and the other person files a complaint, you would be fined heavily and even jailed.

  • Possession of Drugs

Possession and consumption of drugs are totally illegal in Dubai as well as in the whole UAE. Make sure you are aware of it and do not carry any kind of drug in order to avoid severe consequences.

Dubai is modern in its lifestyle and is known as a luxurious city but there are certain cultural aspects that you need to follow and respect their etiquette and tradition. Do not hurt their sentiments and enjoy your tour by following these simple manners once your Dubai visa online process is finalized.

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