Desert Safari: Have Unlimited Fun in Desert Safari Tours Dubai

More than 80% of land in the UAE is desert terrain. However, the industrious people of this country have made that into an advantage. Dubai is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Middle East. Millions of tourists come to this great city, and many of them indulge in one amazing activity – Desert Safari. Desert safaris are extremely popular, and let you experience the Bedouin lifestyle. Complete with adventurous activities, entertaining programs, and mouth-watering Arabic food, the desert safari promises a memorable evening. It has something for families, friends, and couples.

What to Expect from Dubai Desert Safari?

desert camp.jpg

A lot of adventure and entertainment activities are planned for you at the desert safari. One of the best things about the overnight desert safari is that you get to see both sunset and sunrise in the desert. With this note, let us check out the things that you can expect during the Dubai desert safari.

Dune Bashing

dune bashing

A desert is a beautiful place during the night, as there is a cool calming breeze, twinkling stars in the sky, and absolutely no noise. However, you get to experience this later, as you have an eventful evening planned. You are brought to a desert before sundown in power-packed SUVs that take on an adventurous ride over the golden sand dunes. At the end of dune bashing, you are guaranteed to have goosebumps all over your body. It will leave you wanting for more.

Additional Activities

quad biking
quad biking

If it’s more you want, then it’s more you’ll get. You can take on additional rides like Quad Biking. Quad bikes are powerful four-wheeled ATVs, with which you can dune bash. What is different from dune bashing in a car is that you are the only one who will be riding these. You will be given some quick training, and off you go on an adventure ride.

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Sandboarding is another activity you can indulge in. It is just like snowboarding, except, you will be doing that in the sand. There are some dunes which are quite high. You will be taken on these dunes so you can sandboard down. It is a fun activity, and you can shoot a lot of pictures and take videos.

It would be a shame if you came to the gorgeous desert and don’t try your hand at camel riding. The camels are friendly, and once you sit on them, it is a completely different feeling when they meander about. So, make sure you take an exciting camel ride that you will remember for a long time.

Desert Camp Activities


Once the sun sets, which by the way is an amazing sight in the desert, you are taken to the Bedouin-style desert camp. This camp will make you feel like you have walked into an Arabian Nights story. In the camp, there are many activities that will keep you entertained. Ladies can indulge in some henna painting. Henna designs are temporary and will make their hands and feet look beautiful.

You can also get some pictures taken in traditional Bedouin attire. This is a fun activity, and you will take home some great pictures worthy of your social media accounts. Another fun activity you should try is smoking shisha. It is called the Hubble Bubble. The Emirati people would gather by the fire every evening and smoke shisha as a way to relax. You too can do this sitting by the fire.

Dinner Time with Entertainment

belly dance

Now comes time for one of the best features of the overnight desert safari Dubai – the BBQ dinner. Where else can you enjoy a superb dinner in the desert; Dubai is the only place which will give you that. Prepared by some of the best cooks, you will be served with yummy salads and delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Sitting by the fire, gorging on delicious food is an amazing feeling. However, the whole experience gets even better when the entertainment starts. In the form of entertainment, you have gorgeous Belly dancers, Tanoura dancers and fire dancers performing their best. These performers are professionals and will ensure you have a great time watching them.

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Overnight Desert Safari

overnight desert safari

Another variation of the desert safari is the overnight desert safari. Instead of heading home, you retire into  Majlises, where you will sleep in comfortable sleeping bags and blankets. Surrounded by the calm desert, with a cool breeze blowing, you will fall into a deep, peaceful sleep after such an eventful day. However, if you want to sit by the fire, under the stars, you can do that as well. You will be provided an endless supply of delicious Arabic coffee. You can chit chat and have a great night time with your friends and family. In the morning, you will be served a nice breakfast, before you depart towards the city.

Morning Desert Safari

morning desert safari

Morning desert safari begins with watching the beautiful sunrise in the desert. This is followed by a dune bashing ride. At the desert camp, you are rewarded with more adventurous activities like camel riding, sandboarding and quad biking. At the end of it, you get to enjoy a delicious Arabic breakfast served along with Arabic coffee. This is the perfect desert safari for those who want to enjoy the desert without the frills of entertainment and dinner.

Whatever your choice might be when it comes to the type of desert safari, you are sure to have a great time exploring the desert terrain of Dubai. Moreover, there are so many varieties of desert safaris available that you can easily book one that suits your requirements and budget.

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