How to Apply for Dubai Tourist Visa Online – Perfect Guide

Dubai is one of the most visited cities in the world. Part of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Dubai attracts millions of people every year because of its refreshing modern architecture, its rich culture, its food scene, its historical monuments, its enormous malls and a host of entertaining and leisure activities.

One of the other reasons why people love to visit Dubai is that apply for a

Dubai tourist visa online

is quite simple. Unlike other countries, you do not have to visit a UAE Consulate with your application form. On the other, you can apply for one online, in the comfort of your home or office. It is easy and just takes little time. You can also entrust a travel agent or company to assist you in this process.

Types of Dubai UAE Visa

The first step is to identify the type of visa you need. The different types of UAE or Dubai visa available are business visa, tourist or visitor visa, work visa or transit visa. A business visa would be apt for those who want to visit Dubai for work or business-related matters.

Dubai tourist visa

is for those who want to go to Dubai for sightseeing or visiting their relatives or friends. A work visa is for those who have taken up a job in the Emirate city. Finally, the transit visa is for those who are in Dubai while transiting to a different country. The transit visa is only valid for 96 hours. On the other hand, the other visas are available for 14, 30 and 90 days. All these visas are single entry ones, although you can apply for 30 days and 90 days multiple entry visa at an extra cost.

Dubai Visa Requirements

As you are applying for the visa online, you would have to submit the scanned copies of the application form and the supporting documents. Make sure that the scan is clear and legible. If the scanned documents are blurred, it might cause rejection of your visa application.

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Application Form:

Once you know the type of visa you need, the next step is to start the application process. You need to download your application form that is available online. Fill the form completely and do not leave any of the categories blank. Also, make sure that there are no errors, either factual or spelling ones. Once your application form is ready, you can scan and upload the document.


You have to attach several documents along with your application form while applying for your Dubai visa. Here are a few of them:

  • Passport: A passport with a minimum of six months’ validity (from the date of travel) is essential. Make sure that you submit only a colored scanned copy of your passport. First and last (if it contains important information) pages should be submitted.
  • Photograph: Your passport size photograph should be a part of the documents. The photo should be a recent one, and it should be colored too. Make sure that the background of the photo is white. Avoid wearing glasses while taking the picture. Only religious headgear in the photograph would be approved.
  • Cover Letter: You need to submit a cover letter that explains the reason as well as the duration of your visit.
  • Host Details: If you are visiting a friend or family member in Dubai, you need to submit the details of your host. Along with a copy of his or her passport and residential visa, you also need to get an invitation letter from him or her. Business travelers have to submit the invitation letter from the host company.
  • Hotel Reservation: If you do not have a host in Dubai, all you need to do is make your hotel reservation and scan the copy of the confirmed receipt.
  • Air Ticket: You have to submit a copy of your return air ticket along with the application form. Apart from these, you may be asked to submit some more documents, if the Consulate finds it necessary.
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Dubai Visa Fees

The last and also the most important step is to pay the visa fee. The visa fee you have to pay would depend on the type of visa you are applying for. The fee would also vary for 14 days, 30 days and 90 days visa. You can pay the fee through debit or credit card. However, you need to remember that the visa fee is not refundable. In other words, even if your visa application gets rejected, you would not get a refund.

Ok to Board for Dubai

Once you submit your application form, you would receive your visa by email within 1-3 days. But this does not mean that you get to fly to Dubai immediately. You may not be allowed to enter the aircraft if you do not get an Ok to Board from your airline. For this, you have to send your evisa to the airline you have booked your ticket with. The airline would verify the authenticity of your visa and mark your ticket as Ok to Board.

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So, you see, it is quite easy to apply for a Dubai visa, as everything can be done online. Follow these steps carefully and you would sure to receive your Dubai visa within a few days, giving you the chance to embark on a memorable holiday in the Emirate city. This visa would allow you to visit the other six Emirate cities.

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