How to Get Dubai Visa for Indians: All about UAE Visa Application from India

An important thing to know about a Dubai visa is that it is, in reality, a UAE visa. With this visa, you can visit Dubai along with the six other Emirates of the United Arab Emirates or UAE. However, as Dubai is the most popular city in the UAE, it is commonly called the Dubai visa. In the last decade, traveling to Dubai is not just restricted for work or business purposes. On the other hand, it has become one of the favorite holiday destinations in the world. There are so many exciting places and interesting things to do in Dubai that it is the ideal place to have a family holiday. However, Indians are required to have a valid visa before they travel to Dubai or the UAE. Let us check out the procedure to get a

Dubai visa for Indians.

Electronic Visa for Indians

The good news for Indian passport holders is that they are eligible for electronic Dubai or UAE visas. It means you can apply for the visa as well as receive one online. You have to take a print out of the visa and produce it at the airport. In other words, you do not have to make an appointment at the embassy, produce hard copies of your documents or even give an interview. You can easily fill your form online, upload your documents and receive your Dubai tourist visa on your email.

Documents Required for Dubai Visa Application

Before you apply for the Dubai tourist visa online, you need to make sure that you have scanned all the documents. This would ensure that your application process is smooth as well as fast.

Passport: You need to scan the first and last page of your passport. Also, ensure that your passport has at least six months validity from the date of travel. If this is not the case, your visa would be rejected.

Application Form: You can download the application form online. No need to print it and then scan it. In fact, you can fill it online as well. It is important to ensure that you provide only factual details in your application form. Any discrepancy can lead to rejection. Also, there should be no spelling mistakes.

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Photograph: You have to submit a scanned copy of your latest passport-sized photograph. The photo should be colored and the background should be white. Your facial features including your ears should be clearly seen. Avoid wearing eyeglasses, sunglasses or headgear (except in case of religious purposes) while taking the photo.

Email Address: It is extremely crucial to ensure that you provide the correct email id. Double-check and cross-check your email id before you hit the submit button. This is because you would receive your Dubai visa in your email. If your email id is wrong, you would not receive it, preventing you from traveling to Dubai.

Additional Documents for Dubai Visa

Apart from the above-mentioned documents, you would have to submit a few other documents to get a

Dubai visa from India.

  • If you are visiting a family or friend in Dubai, you need to submit a copy of the invitation letter duly signed by them.
  • Proof of valid residence visa of your host also needs to be submitted
  • You would have to submit the copy of your confirmed return or onward journey ticket
  • In case, you are visiting Dubai as a tourist, you would have to submit the proof of your hotel accommodation booking.
  • Copies of your Pancard, income tax returns and investment documents also have to be submitted.
  • You may also have to submit a certain amount of money as a fixed deposit (only in certain cases), which would be returned once you return from Dubai.
  • Women (under the age of 30), if traveling alone, need to submit written permission from father or husband.

Dubai Visa Fee

Before you hit the submit button, you have to pay the visa fees online. You can do this by using a valid credit or debit card. Your visa fee would depend on a number of factors like the type of visa, the number of days you are visiting and the processing time. Once everything is submitted, you would receive the visa on your email within 4-7 working days. You can also get the visa in 2-24 hours in case of an emergency. However, this would cost you extra.

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Ok to Board for Indians

Another step that Indian passport holders need to complete before flying to UAE or Dubai is getting ok to board from the airline they are traveling with. Once you receive your evisa, you need to share it with your airline. They would verify the visa and provide you with Ok to Board. This was introduced to curb the cases of fake visas. Most airlines do this for free, although you may have to pay a small fee for the same in case of some airline companies.

Visa on Arrival for Indians

Indian passport holders are eligible for a visa on arrival in Dubai or anywhere else in the UAE under one condition. If you have a valid USA student, tourist or work visa or maybe if you are a green card holder, you can get a visa on arrival in Dubai or any other Emirate. This is good news for USA visa holders, especially if they want to visit the UAE at short notice.

Applying for a Dubai visa online is a piece of cake for Indians. On the other hand, there are several tour companies that offer visa application services, if you do not want to do it on your own. The best thing about applying for a visa through these companies is that there is a minimum chance of making mistakes. This would ensure that your visa application gets approved and you fly to the city of Dubai for your dream holiday.

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