Upcoming Attractions in Dubai: New Places to Check out in Dubai in the Future

Dubai is the world record holder of several amazing architectural marvels. Be it the seven-star Burj Al Arab, the magnanimous Dubai Mall or the largest building in the world – the Burj Khalifa, Dubai has never failed to awe the world with its creations. But even after building so many awe-inspiring attractions that bring millions of people around the world to Dubai, the city is not planning to stop. In fact, there are several awesome projects in the pipeline that have already become popular for their uniqueness and style. If Dubai is a city that fascinates you, here are the upcoming tourist attractions in Dubai that you can look forward to.

New Attractions in Dubai

1. Dubai Eye

dubai eye One of the most exciting attractions coming up in Dubai is Dubai Eye; the cities own Ferris wheel. On completion, Dubai Eye would be the tallest observation wheel in the world. It would be 210 meters in height and would contain 48 capsules, and the Ferris wheel would have the capacity to hold around 1400 people at a time. The best part is that it would give you an amazing view of the city’s skyline. It would also give you a spectacular view of Palm Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa, and Hotel Atlantis the Palm: some of the landmarks of Dubai.

Location: Bluewaters Island, Ain Dubai

Opening Date: 2020

2. Mohammed Bin Rashid Library

This is one of the

new attractions in Dubai

in 2019. A 66,000 square meter library in Dubai is at its completion stage. The unique thing about Mohammed bin Rashid Library is its unusual structure of an open book placed in a traditional lectern that is used to place the Quran, i.e. the rehl. This new library would have seven stories, which would include reading halls, children’s library, exhibition spaces, a business library, training halls, a conference center, and a bookshop. Once open, the library would be home to 4.5 million books, which include e-books as well as printed ones.

Location: Al Jaddaf (across the Dubai Creek, from Dubai Festival City)

Opening Date: 2019

3. Museum of the Future

museum of the future
One of the most awaited

new things to do in Dubai

is the Museum of the Future. An eye-shaped stainless steel structure (hollowed in the center), inscribed with Arabic calligraphy is coming up at the Dubai’s Sheikh Zayed Road. While the structure of the Museum of the Future is eye-catching and already receiving attention from the world, the museum itself is going to be filled with exhibits of innovation and design. The museum would act as a place for exploring breakthroughs, challenges, and technologies of the future. The exhibits of the museum would be innovative and futuristic. Plus, the museum would bring together financiers, inventors, researchers and designers for future innovations.
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Location: Trade Centre 2, Sheikh Zayed Road (next to Emirates Towers)

Opening Date: 2020

4. Cityland Mall

cityland mall dubai

With so many shopping malls already existing in Dubai, you may consider an additional one unneeded. However, Cityland Mall is a bit different from the usual ones. This is going to be the first nature-inspired shopping mall in the world. Apart from the 350 stores spread around six-continent themed pavilions, Cityland Mall would also have a 20,000 sq ft open-air garden, named Central Park. Right now, the mall has inaugurated the Carrefour Hypermarket. However, complete operations would start somewhere next year. Once the mall is open, it would be home to retail stores, entertainment avenues, numerous restaurants, and amazing botanical gardens.

Location: Off 311 Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Highway, Close to Global Village

Opening Date: 2020

5. The view of the Palm Jumeirah

view of the palm jumeirah

There is hardly a place in Dubai where you can see the bird’s eye view of the Palm Jumeirah, the largest manmade island in the world. However, this is going to change in the next few months. Dubai is soon to launch The View, right in the center of the Palm Jumeirah. The View would be an observation deck of the Palm Tower, a residential as well as hotel complex on the Palm Island. The View would be located on the 55th floor of St. Regis Hotel and would be a premium observation deck that would give you a panoramic view of the island as well as the Dubai skyline. Apart from this, a visit to The View would also be an educational experience.

Location: Palm Jumeirah

Opening Date: 2020

6. Madame Tussauds

The iconic world-famous attraction Madame Tussauds is soon to open in the opulent city of Dubai. This is not just the first in Dubai or UAE but also in the Middle East. Madame Tussauds is known to create lifelike wax statues of famous celebrities including actors, politicians, singers, historical figures, sports stars, etc. While not much is known about the wax sculptures that would be displayed at Madame Tussauds Dubai, few of the celebrity wax models have been confirmed. You are likely to see the wax sculptures of Barack Obama, David Beckham, Vladimir Putin and Brad Pitt here.

Location: Bluewaters Island

Opening Date: 2020

7. Aladdin City

aladdin city

If you have been fascinated by the tales of Aladdin and his magic lamp or the stories of Sindbad in your childhood, this attraction would definitely interest you. Located on Dubai Creek, the Aladdin City has three golden towers resembling a magic lamp. These three towers are connected by bridges that look like snakes and dragons. Aladdin City would be home to hotels, walkways, bridges and a parking area for 900 cars. Each of the towers would have 33, 24 and 25 floors or storeys. More than anything, the unique structure of Aladdin City makes it even more attractive.

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Location: Dubai Creek

Opening Date: 2020/21

8. Dubai Steps

If you have not been awe-inspired by the number of attractions of Dubai, the Dubai Steps would surely do that for you. The Dubai Steps is going to be 100 meters tall and would have 500 steps. This tower would be an observation deck and would take around 45 minutes to climb. After every 100 steps, there would be a space to rest and indulge in some attractions. A project taken up by Dubai Municipality, the Dubai Steps is believed to be an ideal spot for new sporting events and races.

Location: Near Union Square, Deira

Opening Date: 2020

9. Dubai Creek Tower

dubai creek tower

If resources are to be believed, Dubai is all set to break its own record of being the owner of the tallest building in the world. Although the exact height of the Dubai Creek Tower has not been confirmed, it is believed to be more than 828 meters. The tower is being designed by Santiago Calatrava and is shaped like a desert lily. The tower would be home to several restaurants, observation decks, a boutique hotel and even the highest mosque in the world.

Location: Dubai Creek

Opening Date: 2021

10. Zombie Apocalypse Park

Among the numerous

Dubai new things to do,

this is surely the most awaited one. Zombie Apocalypse Park would be a one-of-a-kind theme park to open in the Middle East. This zombie-themed or undead-themed attraction would be spread around an area of 65,000 square feet. It would include 12 fantastic attractions including a haunted house, an escape room, a haunted corn maze, ax throwing, laser tag, archery, paintball games, etc. There would also be live acts, battles, events, and games at the theme park. It is being developed by Nakheel Group in collaboration with Sharjah Golf & Shooting Club.

Location: The Night Market at Deira Islands

Opening Date: Mid-2020


Most of these upcoming attractions in Dubai are set to open in 2020, which also sees the opening of the biggest exhibition in the world, Dubai Expo 2020. While there are already several superb attractions in Dubai, the addition of the above ones would surely bring lot more footfalls to the city.

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