Best Places to Live in Dubai as an Expat

Dubai offers a rich, but orthodox culture. With the rapid development and a large number of tourists flocking into the city, the place has now become one of the best cities to live in the world. For business people to the working class, the city gives a great opportunity for residents to stay and grow professionally. Luxury lifestyle has now become a norm in Dubai and people’s expenditure has increased in recent years. For expats, Dubai is the right place to reside and conduct business. The best part of residing in Dubai is the tax-free income. However, the basic question that arises is where to live in Dubai as an expat.

Presently, the city offers some range of housing options for expats to live for the long term. Let us now check the options:

Arabian Ranches:

arabian ranches


Arabian ranches are gated communities and surely the best places to live in Dubai. Mixed with different people from various countries, there are villas of various sizes and amenities providing a luxurious experience. Some are large homes and some are semi-detached. Each home carries a range of facilities to give a luxury stay experience. Several good restaurants, golf clubs, shopping center and many more are available in these Arabian Ranches. These gated community places are built in various locations of Dubai, giving better options for expats to stay in.

Emirates Hills:

emirates hills


Another major option to live in is the Emirates Hills, which also has a good golfing theme. It is located in a little inland from Jumeirah Beach and Palm and offers partial villas at a good price. Homes here are built with good facilities, making it extremely comfortable.

Jumeirah Beach Residence and Lake Town:

jumeirah beach residence

Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) and Lake Town are located along the coast of Palm Jumeirah. There is a range of properties available in this area, giving a good view of canals and lakes. If you love staying in a property that gives a good view of the lake and skyscrapers, then this is the property to live in. Built more than 10 years ago, the place has walkways along the canals, plenty of restaurants and retail shops. Though the price of these apartments is not cheap, it is worth investing in for the long term.

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Palm Jumeirah:

palm jumeriah

This is the most desired location for expats in Dubai to reside because the entire location that gives a fresh and lavish experience. Every apartment and villa here is built with perfection and is ideal for living with a family.

Jumeirah Suqeim:

Running parallel to Jumeirah Beach, the place is the most desirable area to live and villas here fall in the high price range. However, some old villas are quite problematic to reside and aren’t in good condition. However, with community shopping malls, Jumeirah Beach Road and some prominent locations are nearby, this is surely a great location to stay at.

Dubai International Financial Centre:

dubai international financial centre


It is the most highly preferred and affluent area in Dubai. Sleek new apartments and villas are worth the cost. The place is blessed with some of the best restaurants including the Zuma and La Petite Maison. Moreover, it is centrally located and close to the Dubai Mall.

Downtown Dubai:

Downtown Dubai

Nestled around the Burj Khalifa, it is an attractive location in Dubai for expats to live. Many of the residences here have an Arabian look and give a refreshing view of the sleek high-rises. There are both high rise and medium rise building here with the best amenities offered. Moreover, it is centrally located, making it easier to reach important locations in Dubai.

Dubai Marina:

dubai marina

If you are young, you would like to live in a place that has a younger vibe, and there is nothing better than the Dubai Marina for the same. This place is considered to be the heart of New Dubai and is home to some of the tallest and the swankiest residential apartments in the city. Most of the apartments have the view of the Dubai Marina or its waterfront promenades. Moreover, the place is filled with gourmet restaurants, popular nightclubs and such other places that would entertain the young and the young-at-heart.

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mirdif dubai


If you are looking for a community living place for you and your family, Mirdif would be your best bet. Complete with comfortable villas attached with pretty gardens, this is a dream area to live for families and couples. You can also find good apartments in this area. As the place is near the airport, you can expect some traffic, although you would not be disturbed by the constant take-off and landing of the flights. To make living comfortable for you, Mirdif has its own mall, several shops and schools nearby.

Al Barsha

al barsha


One of the motivations of living in Al Barsha for families is that it has a lot of educational institutions in the area. Another thing is that it is located right behind the Mall of Emirates and stretches out towards Emirates Hills. There are also several sports complexes nearby, which would add to the advantages of living in this area. Although Al Barsha is a bit expensive, it is more affordable than Dubai Marina. While you can live in an apartment in this area, you also have the option of choosing to live in a villa.

With so many options for expats to stay in Dubai, they can decide as per the budget and need. However, one needs to consider the cost of living in Dubai as some of the residential areas are becoming more costly to stay at, along with the growth and development of the city. Moreover, there are certain rules and regulations that need to be followed to avoid any legal actions. There are certain things to consider like the culture, tax system and legal stay documents. You can seek assistance from reputed real estate agents online who can help you in getting the legal documents done and provide the right home to buy. Investing in the right property in Dubai as an expat will certainly give a good return in the near future.

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