Eid Al Adha in Dubai: Best Places to Visit in Dubai during Eid Al Adha

The ultra-modern city of Dubai has strong, traditional roots. Part of the Islamic state of UAE, the Emiratis in Dubai is deeply connected to their religion. Hence, Islamic festivals like Eid are celebrated with great pomp and splendor. As we approach August, it is time for the holy festival of Eid Al Adha, which happens on the 10th day of the 12th month of the Islamic calendar.

Known as the Festival of Sacrifice, Eid Al Adha is commemorated by sacrificing an animal and sharing the meat with family, friends as well as the poor and needy. Traditionally, Eid Al Adha is celebrated with family and friends. Dubai and other Emirate cities of the UAE celebrate the festival with great aplomb. Schools and offices are closed for days and several interesting things happen during this time of the year in Dubai. Here are some of the interesting places to visit in Dubai during Eid Al Adha.

Best Places to Visit during Eid Al Adha

The entire city of Dubai comes to life during Eid Al Adha. You would find exciting events and interesting shows all over the city. Fireworks, shopping deals, delicious food, entertainment, etc. are some of the things that await you in Dubai during this festive season.

Dubai Festival City

dubai festival city

One of the best places to visit to enjoy the celebrations of Eid Al Adha is the Dubai Festival City. A waterfront community, the Dubai Festival City can be described as a city within a city. The best part is that the place is most popular for its Eid Al Adha celebrations. Surely, the highlight is the amazing fireworks that you would witness here. Moreover, there are some interesting activities and events for kids during this festival. You can also look forward to trying some authentic Arabic dishes at live cooking stations, restaurants, food stalls, etc. at the Dubai Festival City.

Dubai Frame

dubai frame

Dubai Frame is one of the many iconic buildings in Dubai. Designed like a photo frame, it gives the illusion of framing the skyline of Dubai. Strategically located in a way that you can see old Dubai on one side and new Dubai on the other (when you visit the top level of the Frame), it is a great place to get a bird’s eye view of the city. During Eid Al Adha, you can do a lot more than checking out the skyline of Dubai. As a part of Eid Al Adha celebrations, you would see performances by traditional Ayala dancers as well as roaming entertainment. Children would really love it as there are several amazing giveaways organized for them at the place. All celebrations happen between 10 in the morning to 8 in the evening at the Dubai Mall.

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Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall, the largest mall in the world, is an exciting place to be throughout the year. However, the mall becomes livelier during Eid Al Adha celebrations. Several stores offer discounts and deals for shoppers. Apart from this, there are several events and activities for kids. Visit the VR Park inside the mall so that your kids can take part in art and craft workshops, watch cartoon screenings and win some thrilling giveaways. Dubai Mall offers many more interesting events and live performances for the entire family. You can also visit the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, enjoy the Dubai Fountain Show and have a go at ice-skating at the Dubai Ice Rink, the usual staples of the Dubai Mall. Some of them may offer discounts and deals on entry tickets, so look out for them.

Theme Parks of Dubai

It is not an unknown fact that Dubai has an amazing array of theme parks, and what would be a better time than holidays to visit them. The best part is that most of these theme parks offer great discounts and ticket deals during Eid Al Adha. Be it an indoor amusement park or a regular theme park or water park, you would find the place filled with activities, entertainment and lots more.

Some of the theme parks that have special activities (apart from the usual ones) during Eid Al Adha are IMG Worlds of Adventure, Dubai Parks & Resorts, Modhesh World, Wild Wadi Water Park, Aquaventure Water Park, etc. These parks also cut down on their entry fee, so that maximum people can have fun. If you do not mind going out of the Emirate, Abu Dhabi’s Ferrari World and Yas Water World are also great places to spend time during Eid Al Adha.

Dragon Mart 2

Dragon Mart 2 is the largest Asian Mall in Dubai, which focuses on Chinese products. While a great place for shopping, Dragon Mart 2 becomes a hub of activities and celebrations during Eid Al Adha. Children can look forward to interactive shows, dance, and song routines as well as shows that make learning super fun. Adults would enjoy the free music shows and concerts that happen here during the festive season. Check out the timings of the shows online and arrive early to secure a good spot.

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City Centre Deira

city centre deira

Dubai’s City Centre Deira offers a lot more than shopping to its visitors during Eid Al Adha. Get ready for some amazing performances at the mall. You would get to enjoy movie screenings, live music, pop-up shops, and such other entertainment activities during this festival time. Interesting food stalls with mouth-watering food are also some of the things to look forward to during Eid Al Adha at City Centre Deira.


mercato mall dubai

Mercato is another mall in Dubai that organizes a lot of fun activities during Eid Al Adha. Shoppers would get the opportunity to win some great prizes every day through a lucky draw. Apart from this, you would also get to participate in some interesting music and dance workshops. Mercato also organizes stage shows and street shows that would be enjoyed by people of all ages. As the place has so much to offer, make sure to visit Mercato at least once during the Eid Al Adha holidays.

La Mer and Al Seef Beaches

la mer dubai

Beaches are great places to spend your holiday, having a merry time with family and friends. While Dubai has plenty of beaches, do visit La Mer and Al Seef Beaches during Eid Al Adha Holidays. While Al Seef Beach gives you a lovely view of the charming Dubai Creek, La Mer is the ideal place to have a laidback picnic. However, what makes these beaches popular with the locals and tourists is the fireworks you would get see at 9 in the evening during the Eid Al Adha holidays. They are nothing less than spectacular and would definitely be the highlight of your day.

Other than the places mentioned above, Eid Al Adha is the perfect time to visit the popular Dubai tourist places. Whenever you plan to go, you can apply for 14 days, 30 days and 90 days Dubai visa, as per your requirement. Moreover, you can apply for a Dubai visa online too. So, to make most of the Eid Al Adha celebrations in Dubai, plan your holiday, apply for the visa and book your tickets today!

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