Dazzling Extravaganza – Best Places to Watch New Year’s Eve Fireworks in Dubai

Watching New Year’s Eve fireworks in Dubai is something of a tradition. The world’s eyes are on Dubai to see the elaborate fireworks display, which is then shown all around the world.

But you know what’s better than seeing it on TV? Seeing the fireworks display in person. There are many places where you can see fireworks and indulge in a host of other activities. So, plan a New Year’s trip and apply for the easy-to-get 14 days Dubai visa. Here are the places where you can enjoy Dubai’s famed fireworks.

Fireworks at The Burj Al Arab

The world’s only 7-star hotel has one of the most elaborate fireworks show on New Year’s Eve. The Burj Al Arab looks stunning surrounded by the fireworks. This is an elaborately planned event, with some new styles of fireworks displayed every year. One of the best places to see the display is from Umm Suqeim Park near Jumeirah Park. The Jumeirah Park and the Jumeirah Beach are also great places for seeing the fireworks display. Many people come here instead of seeing the crowded places. You can definitely try this place.

Fireworks at The Dhow Cruise

Picture this. You are out on the sea and after a fun night of drinks, food, and entertainment, you witness the best fireworks display in the city. This is what you get if you book the New Year’s Eve dhow dinner cruise. Many people opt for this as there are a limited amount of people on the Dhow, and you can really have a great time. In fact, if you have a large party with you, you can even book the whole Dhow for yourself. But you have to book fast as cruises get full quite fast. Some book this and enjoy international style buffet, live entertainment and stunning views of a fully lit Dubai city.

Things to See & Do during New Year’s Eve Dubai

Fireworks at The Burj Khalifa

Though crowded, your Dubai New Year can’t be considered complete without seeing the fireworks display. Last year, there was no fireworks display, but there were an equally good light and laser show. This upcoming year, the fireworks are back. People crowd around places like the Dubai Fountain, Al Manzil Plaza, Burj Park, Souk Al Bahar, and the nearby roads. The fireworks display is guaranteed to be one of the most beautiful you have seen. People in the country and around the world also watch it on their televisions. However, seeing it live is something else altogether.

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Fireworks at The Palm Islands

Another popular New Year’s Eve Dubai fireworks place is The Palm Islands. The Palm Islands are the man-made islands that are in the shape of a palm tree. They are home to some of the biggest celebrities in the country and from around the world. Therefore, there’s always a lot of curiosity about them. On New Year’s Eve, there’s an elaborate fireworks show. Many people even consider it to be the best in Dubai. So, for a different type of fireworks display, check out The Palm Islands. The islands look even better if you see them from an afar at a good height. There are many towers nearby that allow people to watch the display.

Fireworks at Festival City

The Festival City Mall is going to try to set a record with their fireworks display. There will be fireworks going off every hour from 9:00 pm. This will go on till 12:00, which will be the time for the grand finale. This will, of course, be their best display of the night. Preparations have been on in full swing. Festival City Mall has tied up with IMAGINE for this record-setting extravaganza. It promises to be one of the best in the city.

Fireworks at Qasr Al Sultan

Firework at Qasr Al Sultan

This is the place to be if you want to enjoy a fireworks display along with delicious food. Located opposite Dubai Parks & Resorts, the dinner gala hosted by the Qasr Al Sultan resort is complete with a live international band, Arabian singers and dancers and a huge buffet spread of Arabic and international dishes. The night ends with a brilliant fireworks display that dazzles all onlookers.

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Fireworks at Bab Al Shams Resort and Spa

Sometimes, it is okay to see the fireworks from afar in the desert. The Bab Al Shams Resort and Spa is a great place to enjoy your New Year celebrations. There are multiple events happening at the place, and you can find a party that you want to attend. The food is absolutely brilliant. It is made by world-class chefs, and they create cuisines from all around the world. It’s an all-you-can-eat buffet, so, you can gorge on your favorite delicacies. The added advantage here is that you can see a glimpse of colorful fireworks in the city, minus the crowds, noise, and smoke.

Fireworks at JBR

Though there was no fireworks display at The Beach at the JBR last year, it is expected they follow suit with the Burj Khalifa and do a fireworks display. The Beach and JBR are one of the most popular places in the city for shopping and leisure; so, it was disappointing that they did not do a display last year. But this year, hopefully, they come out with all guns blazing and put up a dynamic show for all to enjoy.

New Year celebrations in Dubai promise to be full of dazzle and fireworks. Instead of being in some loud pub, getting squished by the crowds, it is better to get out, have a great time and watch the sky light up with fireworks. Many people come to Dubai during the New Year’s Eve just for this. So, go to the above-mentioned places to have the best New Year’s Eve complete with the fireworks display.

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