Architectural Wonders: 7 Tallest Buildings in the World

The 7 tallest buildings are surely architectural marvels in the world and should be seen at least once in your lifetime. Human beings have come a long way. Right from the tiny houses of the ancient times to the huge skyscrapers of today, a lot has been achieved in the field of architecture. While almost all modern cities in the world have their share of skyscrapers, some of them have buildings that have broken world records. Apart from being tall, all of these buildings are unique and one-of-a-kind. They are the main attraction of the cities they belong to, and one of the reasons why people visit the place. If modern architectural marvels are something that interests you, take a look at the 7 tallest buildings in the world. Burj Khalifa, Dubai, UAE burj khalifa The first on this list is not just one of the tallest buildings, but the tallest in the whole world. Yes, we are talking about Burj Khalifa, the 2717 steely structure located in Dubai, UAE. Consisting of 163 floors, this structure made of concrete and steel was designed by Owings & Merrill, the company that designed the One World Trade Centre and Willis Tower. The building is home to a hotel, a restaurant, residential houses, and corporate suites. It also has two observation decks, one on the 124th floor and another on the 148th floor. A Burj Khalifa tour would take you to one of the observation decks where you get a 360o view of the entire city. Shanghai Tower, Shanghai, China shanghai tower, shanghai, china Shanghai Tower is the second tallest in the world and the tallest building in Shanghai. With the height of 2073 ft, the building has 133 floors and 106 elevators. Designed by the American architectural company Gensler, the unique thing about the Shanghai Tower is its structure. A swirling building, the Shanghai Tower is also known as the city within the city. The building is divided into nine zones, and each one of them includes gardens, restaurants, retail stores, cafes, hotels, office spaces, etc. Do visit the observation and sightseeing deck to get a good view of the city of Shanghai.
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One World Trade Center, New York City, USA one world trade center, new york city, usa The tallest building in the USA, the One World Trade Centre is more just a building for the Americans. Standing within the World Trade Center, where the 9/11 attacks happened, this building is a symbol of patriotism and the reformation and perseverance of the American dream. Standing at the height of 1776 feet, the One World Trade Centre has 94 floors and is occupied by corporate offices. The construction of the building was completed in 2014. One of the positive things about this building is that it uses renewable energy, which includes reusing rainwater. Lotte World Tower, Seoul, South Korea lotte world tower, seoul, south korea At the height of 1819 feet, the Lotte World Tower is the fifth tallest building in the world. The building has 129 floors in total and has an observation deck from where you can have a bird’s eye view of the city of Seoul. Apart from corporate offices, the Lotte World Tower also houses a luxury landmark hotel, a healthcare center, a financial center, a fitness center, a duty-free store, a shopping mall, a classical music hall, an aquarium and a multiplex (largest in Asia). While the structure of the building is spectacular, the interiors are also attractive. Make it a point to visit this landmark building when you are in Seoul, South Korea. Taipei 101, Taipei, Taiwan taipei 101, taipei, taiwan Before Burj Khalifa, Taipei 101 was the tallest building in the world (from 2004 to 2010). The building has 101 floors and measures 1667 feet in height. However, what makes the building more attractive is its structure and design more than its height. Shaped like a really tall Pagoda, Taipei 101 is a true symbol of modern techniques meeting the Asian traditions. Also, it is the tallest green building in the whole world and the design ensures that the building would withstand earthquakes and typhoons quite prevalent in Taiwan. Apart from an indoor and outdoor observatory, the building also has a shopping mall, restaurants, food court, and an international grocery store.
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Makkah Royal Clock Tower, Mecca, Saudi Arabia makkah royal clock tower, mecca, saudi arabia In the holiest Islamic city, close to the Great Mosque of Mecca, lies the tallest building in Saudi Arabia and the third largest in the world. The height of the building is 1972 feet, and it has 120 floors in total. The most important feature of this building is the clock on the Clock tower, which is the largest in the world. The building is home to a hotel, an Islamic museum, a conference center and a prayer room that can hold around 10,000 people at a time. The building also has a shopping mall and has a lunar observation center, which is used to view the moon during the month of Ramadan. Ping An Finance Center, Shenzhen, China ping an finance center, shenzhen, china All of 1965 feet height, the Ping An International Finance Centre is the second tallest building in China. Relatively new (completed in 2017), it is an elegant steel structure that towers over the other buildings and skyscrapers of Shenzhen city. The building has 115 floors and 33 double-decker elevators. One of the offices in the building is the Ping An Insurance. Aside from this, the building also has a hotel, a conference canter, and a top end shopping mall. All the seven tallest buildings in the world mentioned here are clearly the highlights of the cities they belong to. If you happen to be in any of these cities, do take out time to marvel at these beauties that are surely nothing less than manmade miracles.
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