Dubai Visa FAQ

Dubai Visa Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should all visitors to Dubai, obtain a visa?

Yes, all foreigners who plan to visit Dubai must obtain a mandatory Dubai visa to enter Dubai. However, if you’re a GCC national arriving from one of these places –Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Kingdom of Bahrain, Qatar and the Sultanate of Oman, you’ re exempted from applying for a Dubai visa. Note that if you’re an expat settled at one of these countries, you still need to apply for a Dubai visa. You’ll be exempted only if you’re a high-profile investor or you hold a high profile professional status. In such cases, you can obtain a visa when you arrive at the Dubai airport.

2. Describe visa on arrival

Those visiting Dubai from specific countries such as certain European countries, Far Eastern countries and America do not have to make arrangements prior to arrival with regard to a Dubai visa. Such visitors will be granted a visa on arrival that’s valid for one whole month, when they land at the Dubai airport. The list of countries whose nationals are eligible for visa on arrival is subject to change. Therefore, we recommend that you refer to the list at your local embassy before planning your trip to Dubai.

3. What do I need to apply for a Dubai visa?

You will need to submit the following items to apply for a Dubai visa:

  • A visa application form, properly filled
  • A passport-size photo taken according to visa photo standards
  • Copy of your passport bearing minimum validity of six months at the time of travel

4. Is the Dubai visa obtained from Rayna Group pertinent only to Dubai or the rest of the UAE as well?

You can travel anywhere within the UAE with a valid Dubai visa from us.

5. Why do I need to apply for a visa only through the Rayna Group?

  • That’s because we have years of experience in helping people obtain Dubai visas against all odds.
  • We keep ourselves well-informed on the latest changes and revisions in the Dubai visa policies
  • We are completely committed to our client's needs
  • We are backed by a team of innovative visa consultants who’ll make the entire procedure totally stress-free for you and guide you through each step.
  • Plus, we’re always here to follow up on your visa and answer your queries from time to time.
  • Also, we help you to determine the visa package that suits your travel requirement best.
  • We also offer you total assurance of visa approval and on-time delivery so you can carry on with your travel plans.

6. What kinds of visas to Dubai can I apply for via Rayna Group?

You can apply for the following kinds of Dubai visa through us:

  • 96-hour visa
  • 14-day visa
  • 30-day visa
  • 90-day visa
  • 30-day multiple entry visa
  • 90-day multiple entry visa

7. What process should I follow with regard to my Dubai visa application?

Download the visa application form and fill it and bring it and the supporting documents to us. If you like, we can come over to your location and pick up the documents and process your visa from our end.

8. Can anyone else apply for a Dubai visa on my behalf?

If you have friends and relatives settled in Dubai, they can submit your visa application on your behalf. However, please note that the immigration authorities will require copies of their recent bank statements and passport (showing at least three months validity).

9. How much in advance should I apply for my Dubai visa?

It takes about four to five days for your Dubai visa to be processed. However, one cannot predict delays in the system, which is why it’s a good idea to apply for a Dubai visa much ahead of your intended travel date.

10. Can I book my flight tickets before getting my visa?

Go ahead and book your flight tickets before you obtain your visa.

11. How do I track my visa application status?

When you lodge a visa application request with us, we’ll generate an email that contains all relevant details pertaining to your application. There’ll also be a unique booking reference code, which you can use to track the status of your application.

12. What’s the duration it’ll take for my visa to be approved?

It takes four to five working days for your visa application to be processed. If you opt for our express service, you’ll get your Dubai visa within two to three working days.

13. How will I receive my approved visa?

You’ll be receiving the electronic Dubai visa copy in either PDF or JPG format via email. Be sure to print it out before you travel.

14. If my visa is rejected, what could be the possible reasons?

If your application has been blacklisted for some reason, or if your passport is not machine-readable, then your visa application might get rejected.

15. Will I get a refund in the case of rejection?

Visa application fee, once paid, is completely non-refundable.

16. Can I reapply for another visa if I get rejected?

You can reapply, but make sure you follow all the rules and norms specified by the Dubai immigration department. Also, if you’re rejected due to any blacklisting issue, fix that before reapplying.

17. Can I enter Dubai via road with my visa?

You can enter Dubai via any airport in the UAE and also by any road.

18. Are all Dubai visas valid only for a single entry?

All visas are for single entry only, except those visas that are specifically marked multiple entry. Using a multiple entry visa, you can enter and exit Dubai as many times as you want within the visa’s validity period, which could be 30 or 90 days.

19. Can I get my visa extended?

You can get some of the visas, not all of them. For example, you can extend your 14 day visa to 26 days. The same goes for the 96 hour visa which can be extended to 26 days. All other visas, including multiple entry visas, are non-extendable.

20. How do I make the payment?

You can make payment for your Dubai visa application in one of the following ways:

  • You can pay using a valid credit card
  • You can transfer money directly to our company’s bank account
  • You can pay via money exchange

21. What happens if I overstay my visa’s validity?

If you overstay your visa’s validity term, you will be asked to pay a fine for each day you extend your stay.

22. How can I get further information if I need any?

You can contact our experienced client support team to assist you with your queries regarding your visa application process.