Ok To Board Dubai Visa

Things to Know about Ok to Board for Dubai UAE Visa

Ok To Board Information

It is now mandatory for all passengers traveling to the UAE from countries such as Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India and others in the Asian subcontinent to have their flight tickets electronically updated with an OK To Board (OTB) status. The OTB status is mandatory for those who travel without their original pink coloured visa, and without the OTB, the passenger will not be allowed to fly to the UAE.

What is OTB?


Ok to Board Dubai

electronic status is added to the passenger’s flight details after the airline has authenticated the passenger’s visa to the UAE. When the OTB status is cleared, the passenger is cleared to fly to the UAE, as long as said passenger is carrying valid UAE visa. The OTB procedure has been initiated in order to stop people from traveling using fake Dubai visas. People whose Dubai visa verification fails are expelled from the UAE and never allowed to return.

Is OTB a requirement of the UAE immigration?

OK to board status is a flight prerequisite mandated by the airlines, and not specifically by the UAE immigration. The OTP status update procedure is applicable to all visitors to the UAE, whether they’re traveling on a work visa or tourist visa. You may be traveling to any part of the UAE, it doesn’t matter – the OTB still holds good. With the OTB procedure, even if you hold a valid UAE visa, your entry on the airplane will be forbidden if you don’t actually carry the OTB status stamping on your tickets.

How to Update OTB Visa Status

An OTB is relevant to those passengers whose visa has been sponsored and issued within the UAE. Once your UAE visa is successfully processed, your visa sponsor should send a copy of your approved visa, along with copies of your flight tickets or PNR number to your airline service provider. Your airline service provider will validate your visa and attach your flight tickets with the OTB status.

How Is OTB Processed?

Airlines require at least 2 days to validate your UAE visa documents and update your OTB status. Make sure that the UAE visa sponsor forwards copies of your visa documents and copies of your flight tickets to your airline at least three days before you fly to Dubai. Once your visa has been verified, the airline electronically inserts your OTB visa status to your flight details. For more information on your OTB status, get in touch with your airline directly.