Terms And Conditions - Dubai Visa

We at BookDubaiVisa.com thank you for opting for our visa and tour services. Before you book our services, you have to agree with our terms and conditions. It is important to read the terms and conditions carefully to ensure that no problem or confusion regarding the booking arises in the future. The below-mentioned terms and conditions are relevant for all bookings made through our website.


We not only offer the best visa service and tour booking rates but also provide you with the convenience of booking all these services online. The price that you see on the website is usually the rate for per person unless otherwise mentioned. This price does not include things like tips, accommodation, food or drinks, room services, etc. It is also important to note that the prices mentioned on the website could change without any prior notice due to things like an increase in hotel rates, air tickets, transport expenses, etc.

Payment Method

You can pay for the visa services and tour packages through any major credit card including MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Diners, Discover, etc. You have to provide your credit card number to make the payment, and this will be recorded on your statement.

Payment Confirmation

Once you make the payment, you would receive the confirmation through email. You can print this out and show it as proof of payment of service. Nevertheless, you have to ensure that you have provided the right information regarding your visa and travel requirements while selecting the same.

Cancellation Policy

An important thing to remember is the tourist visa fee is not refundable, even if the visa application is rejected. In addition, when it comes to booking our tour packages, you must to read the cancellation policy of every service or tour before booking. This is because every tour and service have different cancellation policies.

No Show Policy

We do not provide refunds (neither part nor full) if you do not make use of the tours or the visa to travel to Dubai or UAE. This applies to all other travel related services including car rental, sightseeing tours, unused tickets, etc. Likewise, we do not allow rescheduling of tours, air tickets, transfers, etc. once the booking is confirmed.

Procedure for Cancellation

If you want to cancel a tour or service made with us, you must read the cancellation rules and procedure before you do the same. To cancel a booking, you have to notify BookDubaiVisa.com in writing. Once we receive your request, we would confirm the cancellation through telephone, fax or email. You would also have to pay a cancellation fee, which would be mentioned you at the time of confirmation. We are not responsible for any cancellation if you have not sent it to us through writing or if it is not confirmed by us.

Changes in Itinerary

Services and routes mentioned in your itinerary are subject to change according to airway schedules, local weather conditions, etc. If such things happen, we would provide you with a similar option within your budget. However, this would depend solely on availability. We ensure that we would provide you with information about the changes in itinerary, before your departure. BookDubaiVisa.com has the right to make minor changes or amendments in the itinerary without providing prior notice or even reimbursements. It is also important to note that no reimbursements would be provided in case of major, natural events like earthquake, floods, etc.

Hotel Accommodation

We would try our best to book you a room in the hotel you prefer. However, if there is a problem with availability, we would provide you with a similar accommodation, which is of the same budget and standard. When it comes to check-in and check-out policy, you would have to follow the rules of the hotel you are staying at. BookDubaiVisa.com cannot help you with early or late check-in and check-out requests if the hotel does not offer the same.

Travel Insurance

Travelers should invest in a good travel insurance policy as we at BookDubaiVisa.com are not responsible for damages caused due to injury, illness, accident, theft, loss of personal baggage or trip cancellation.

Travel Documents

Kindly carry all your travel documents including passport and valid ID card, especially if you are traveling from a different country. If you do not have the necessary travel documents, neither would you be able to join the tour nor would you get a refund. Also, check with your country's consulate to know about visa and entry requisites, which can change any time without prior notice.

Restrictions for Website Usage

BookDubaiVisa.com is the sole owner of all the content, including the images, logo, visa service and tour package information, pricing and other details, which is available on the website. When you agree with our terms and conditions, you also agree to not to misuse any of this information or our website for commercial, non-personal or illegitimate reasons.